Thank you for your interest in the tax reform plan that saves our middle class. It does so by requiring everyone to pay their fair share of the tax burden. When everyone pays their fair share it not only lowers our taxes, it raises almost $1trillion more per year in additional tax revenue.

When combined with a reprioritization of our budget expenditures, the additional tax revenue solves Social Security's long term funding problem, creates and fully funds National Health Care, and allows all academically qualified students the opportunity to attend college or vocational school free of charge. Along the way, it generates millions of high paying jobs, repairs our deteriorating infrastructure and solves each state's fiscal crisis.

Here are the highlights:

Lowers business taxes.
Lowers capital gains taxes.
Eliminates personal income taxes.
Eliminates estate taxes for over 98% of Americans.
Raises almost $1 trillion more per year in tax revenue.
Solves Social Security’s long term funding problem (forever).
Creates and fully funds National Health Care.
Expands public education to include free college and vocational school.
Creates millions of high paying jobs.
Repairs our deteriorating infrastructure.
Solves each states fiscal crisis.

The tax plan itself is only 20 pages long and comes with commentary, tax revenue estimates and five year budget projections. Additionally, there are seven appendices that prove that this tax reform plan lowers taxes yet funds all government programs while running a budget surplus.

After you have read this proposal, you will be in possession of the facts necessary to confidently inform your friends, family and adversaries that this tax reform plan saves our middle class by lowering taxes! It is my hope that you will then begin discussions with as many people as possible to create the ground swell of support that will be needed to pressure our elected officials to enact into law the reforms set forth in this proposal.


Mark Fishman

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