The Tax Reform Plan that Saves Our Middle Class!

  • Lowers corporate and personal taxes
  • Eliminates estate taxes for over 99% of Americans
  • Creates millions of high paying jobs
  • Expands Medicare into National Health Care
  • Fully funds Public Education which will now include free college or vocational school
  • Increases Social Security benefits upon retirement

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"This brief but painstakingly researched proposal deserves to be part of the national conversation on tax reform. ...A thoughtful, rigorous plan to make the tax code more morally and rationally defensible."

- Kirkus Book Review

"Fishman’s Framework could lead to securing the funds needed to improve our failing schools, to radically overhaul our national infrastructure and to give hope to millions."

- Dr. Paul Cummins, author of Two Americas, Two Educations: Funding Quality Schools for All Students

According to the Tax Policy Center, over the next 10 years:

  • Mr. Trump's tax plan will decrease revenues by $9.5 trillion
  • Secretary Clinton's plan will increase revenues by only $1.1 trillion
  • This proposal will increase revenues by $12.6 trillion!

Fishman's Framework for Tax Reform

  • Simple to read and understand
  • Lowers taxes for the vast majority of individuals and corporations
  • If my cousin can understand it, so can you!

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The plan itself is only 16 pages long and comes with 56 pages of commentary, charts, and revenue projections. After reading the proposal, you will be in possession of the facts necessary to confidently inform your friends, family, and adversaries that this plan will help fix the economy and restore our middle class. And, it does all this while lowering taxes.


It is my hope that you will then begin discussions with as many people as possible to pressure our elected officials to enact into law the reforms set forth in this proposal.


- Mark Lewis Fishman





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